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Bill Of Material

Production Input Application (PIA) is essential for production as it defines the raw materials required for end products and the ratios of such materials.

Production Input Application (PIA) features:
  • Define items (products – components).
  • Identify production lines and their machinery.
  • State production phases to the end product.
  • Specify production processes.
  • Show alternative components of products.
  • Classify production processes.
  • Indicate the type of input (i.e. service – labour – equipment – fixed assets – general ledger – analytical figures).
  • Designate manufacturing process types.
  • Create input documents containing the required products, bill of materials, vendors and the relevant processes.
  • State product input by defining products, bill of materials and cost distribution factor and displaying alternative input.
  • Generate the following key reports:
    • input tree;
    • cancel summary production input;
    • preparation document elements; and
    • summary preparation document elements.