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Foreign Purchasing Operations System

External Purchases Application (EPA) is concerned with external purchases.

EPA features:
  • Monitor and controlling all external purchase activities & operations. EPA works on an integrated basis with other applications.
  • Identify the procured items and the items of individual vendors or a group of vendors.
  • State shipment countries, shipment methods and cost centres.
  • Define the contractual terms of each purchase transaction.
  • Display the agreements concluded with vendors and the agreed conditions (vendor number – purchase department number – shipment period – payment method – required items).
  • Follow up each phase of shipment.
  • Execute external purchase invoices, specify items and determine costs, through purchase orders.
  • Invoice any expenses incurred or paid during the purchase transaction.
  • Produce a stock receipt note for a shipment or purchase based on purchase invoice, and link the same to the warehouse where the relevant items are stored.
  • Calculate purchase cost via invoices, shipment documents or credits.
  • Generate comparative reports on vendor prices.
  • Show reports on individual purchases or groups of purchases, stating: Shipments, Invoices and Items
  • Create reports on purchases and purchase activities over a given period,
  • Produce reports showing total expenses and costs of shipments.