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Contracting Suite

Must-Have Contract Management Software features:

Inefficient or ineffective contract management software can be disastrous to your business’s revenues, reputation and compliance obligations. So ensuring contract signing and handling is secure, fast and accessible is imperative.
From signing, to storing, to auditing, contract management software can greatly improve the way you handle these valuable documents, throughout their entire lifecycle. But not all digital contracting systems are created equal.
The technology your business relies on for contract signing and validation should include these core features:
1. Easy editing

When it comes to amending, adding or updating contract data, electronic form filling removes the restrictions and inefficiencies of paper documents. Your digital contracting solution should be intuitive and easy to use, to ensure document editing on the fly requires minimal effort. This way, documents will always be 100% accurate, leaving fewer opportunities for delays and incomplete sales.

2. Available anywhere

The global nature of the financial services industry means that business can take place all over the world, at any time. Contract management software should support this. Your contract signing solution should utilise a technological infrastructure that is robust in its speed, availability and security, no matter where in the world your people are.

3. Automation capabilities

Contracts-Management software should dramatically reduce the time it takes to complete the entire sales process. Automation and systems integration is key to this. To standardise your contracts, free up your sales team and reduce input errors, your contracting system should relay input data to your servers and use your business rules to automatically generate bespoke contracts.

4. Highly secure

To fulfil your compliance responsibilities, your Management Contracts need to meet industry security standards and be enforceable around the world. To verify that a digital signature solution uses secure and legally binding technology, check whether it exceeds the requirements of widely recognised bodies and directives.

In order to provide the best customer experience and to truly achieve the benefits of digital transformation, even if you’re sales team is on the move, you need technology that is reliable and compatible with your existing infrastructure. Contracting Management System, the mobile digital contracting and signature solution, built for rigours of the financial services industry, is exactly that. Book a demo of Contracting Management System to see how it can streamline your sales process.

Generally, Contracting Management software divides into many Modules:
  • Projects Management System:
  • Projects Management System (PMS) does an outstanding job on collecting the information needed to manage projects both large and small. The application has a good road map for future enhancements and helps me manage my projects without the normal amount of effort.
    Project management system (PMS) will help various organizations to manage their project work and the review the work of ongoing projects. This project system will uses all the concepts which are used theoretically in software engineering.
    PMS features:
    • Manage an unlimited number of projects, releases, and iterations.
    • Manage resourcing levels to deliver required features.
    • Centralized document management repositories with versioning and tagging.
    • You will know what each team is working on within a specific period.
    • Updation of a project schedules take just a few seconds.
    • You can know the entire project history at a glance.
    • It is easier to find the best performing team, the least performing team and the amount of resource can employed in the project.
  • Contracting Management System:
  • Contractor Payment Certificates Application (CPCA) is essential for real estate investors that do not have their own contractors to conclude turnkey contracts:
    CPCA features:
    • Define the constituent terms of the contract (financial terms – contractual terms).
    • Identifying types of items (stock items – service – works), for individual units or entire sectors.
    • Splitting a contract into individual partial contracts linked under one single contract.
    • Assign more than one accounts payable for each financial term under the same contract.
  • Real Estate Sales System:
  • Real Estate Investment Application (REIA) monitors all the activities & operations of real estate business, including sale of units, conclusion of contracts and generation of reports that reflect a comprehensive picture of such business. REIA works on an integrated basis with other applications.
    REIA features:
    • Identify housing units & real estate projects including the relevant construction phases, complexes and buildings.
    • State the types of projects, buildings and units under additional/clarifying classifications.
    • Define the methods of payment by customers, including monthly, annual or quarterly payments, payment upon receipt, or any other method convenient for the customer.
    • Link the payment schedule to the Accounts Receivable Application (ARA), by executing contracts for the customers listed under ARA.
  • Sub Contracting System:
  • Sub-contractor Payment Certificates Application (SPCA) is essential for real estate investors that do not have their own contractors to conclude turnkey contracts:
    SPCA features:
    • Define the constituent terms of sub-contracts (financial terms – contractual terms).
    • Split a sub-contract into individual partial sub-contracts linked under one single sub-contract.
    • Close sub-contracts following the finalization of all contractual milestones.

Why prefer our project management system?

We help you to learn about a project’s health, plan further steps and allocate resources in the most convenient manner. This is a time saving initiative from our side which saves you from going through a number of project reports to get a clear idea.

Our Project Management System keeps you informed:

Project Management System enables you to stay informed about each and every project to facilitate your interaction with your clients and share holders about it every now and then. The Project Management System informs you about the progress in projects, changes in schedules, submit requests, orders or report an issue. This way, you can stay assumed of receiving first hand information about the projects.

Enhance efficiency and productivity:

In addition, our Project Management System also allows your teams to view their to do lists, keep a track about project time and get updates about the deadlines. If you wish to have an organized project structure, gives us a call today to discuss your requirements with our specialist’s team.

General features:

  • An optimal integrated solution covering a wide spectrum of areas.
  • Applications & modules architected to operate under MS Windows as the operating system of the network, terminals and PCs.
  • User-friendly interfaces for smooth & speedy operation, using state-of-the-art graphics technologies.
  • Bilingual Arabic & English interfaces.
  • Linked & integrated operation of all applications & modules.
  • Applications designed using up-to-date server/client architecture.
  • All applications supporting multiple databases: MS SQL/Oracle/Enterprise.
  • Multi-level authorized access for all applications.
  • Multiple-company operation supported by all applications, with the possibility of consolidation at all levels.
  • Possibility of defining/identifying code formats & levels by the user (segments – tree).
  • Additional data interfaces created by users, in different formats at each interface level.
  • An efficient reporting system, providing analyses as per user-defined criteria.
  • Statistics represented graphically in different formats.
  • User-customized reports.
  • Traceable data in all reports.
  • Printable reports capable of being displayed, saved, exported to Excel or HTML, sent via e-mail, and exported to the web.
  • A powerful report designer in all applications.
  • Supported on- & off-line access to external sited in all applications.

Technical features:

  • The stability and the confidentiality and security of the company's databases.
  • Optimal utilization of the resources of the company's devices and networks, high-speed data processing.
  • Monitors are designed in a professional manner, to ensure ease of use and access to information.
  • The possibility of multiple users.
  • Precise powers of the system, allows the control of data storage and printing operations for each user.
  • Compatible with various devices, such as barcode, and devices attendance.
  • Arabic and English language support and other languages.
  • The possibility of the introduction of the previous data from Excel files automatically.
  • Compatibility with various Microsoft programs such as Word and excel and Microsoft Outlook Express.

These Contracting programs can be purchased Only from Arabian Computer Co. and then installed on your computer.

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