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Point Of Sales System

Point Of Sales (POS) Software:

Best retail stores depend on our Point Of Sales software, as it acts as a great investment. This is because we fully realize that apart from a sales register, it is essential for retailers to have the best POS system that can make a not of all promotions, offer better sales returns and provide other such benefits. We also wish to extend a helping hand to the store managers and cash handling personnel who have a difficult time in managing transactions.

Point Of Sales (POS) Software features:

  • Choose items by performing an online search or scan based on attributes such as price,brand etc.
  • Price selection for multiple products.
  • Barcode support.
  • Multiple payment modes.
  • Auto resolution plus applications testing of promotions.
  • Resolution for multiple resolutions.
  • Tests or checks for availability of inventory.
  • Credit sales.
  • Redemption of gift vouchers during sales real time.
  • Customized order.
  • Control over discount rates in percentage and in amount.
  • Deposits and refunds.
  • Delivery slips issue while picking and billing.
  • Check the stock of goods at other stores.
  • Tag, add or search best customers to offer redemptions.
  • Retain details about customer.
  • Settlement at the end of the day using specific parameters.

These Point Of Sales (POS) Software can be purchased Only from Arabian Computer Co. and then installed on your computer.

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